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Top 10 Best Knife For Cutting Meat Of 2022

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We’ve all used the wrong knife at the wrong time. It’s tempting to grab whatever’s closest and looks sharpest. But the simple fact is, there are different knife styles for a reason. And as they say, anything worth doing is doing well. So for all you meat-eaters out there, we’re going to take  a look at the best knife for cutting meat in 2021. 

Using the proper knife for the appointed task saves you time, makes you more efficient, and ensures that your presentation is as good as your cooking. It also helps keep your knives and your kitchen in good working order.The best knife for cutting meat is one that’s natural in the hand, effective at the job, and utilizes high-quality materials to give you that just-right-slice every time. 

Below, our top picks for the best knife for cutting meat in 2021. We teamed up with several specialists to put 10 different knives to the test to see which one comes out on top!

Quick Overview (comparison)

The Ten Best Knives For Cutting Meat in 2021

1 – Dalstrong Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife (Best Pick 🥇)

From the Dalstrong Gladiator Series comes the Breaking Cimitar Knife. It’s got a hefty 10” blade made from German HC steel. Conveniently, this knife comes with a protective sheath to keep it in pristine condition for years to come. 

Adored by both chefs and butchers, this knife is a seriously respectable addition to any kitchen. It skillfully and masterfully portions, sections, and cuts through all kinds of meat like a champ. Specifically, the curved blade is designed to effortlessly cut through meat without any annoying sawing. 

With the Dalstrong Butcher’s breaking knife, you can break through cartilage, trim fat, and effectively slice through brisket, steak, poultry, fish, and more. The ergonomic handle is ambidextrous and gives you a good no-slip grip even when wet. And the rock-hollow divots of the blade reduce friction to prevent the sticking of food.

The blade is an excellent quality, crafted with 56+ Rockwell hardness. It’s triple riveted and full tang and it includes a PerfectFit knife guard to ensure the long life and optimal performance of your knife. Because it’s BPA free, you can rest assured that this knife is food-safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals. 

Overall, the Dalstrong Breaking Knife is our best knife for cutting meat thanks to its multi-purpose functionality, high-quality materials, and durability. And it comes complete with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose if you bet on this knife.

Key Features

  • 10” breaking knife
  • Curved blade
  • Rock-hollow divots
  • Ergonomic, ambidextrous pakkawood handle
  • BPA-free Perfect Fit knife guard
  • 56+ Rockwell hardness


  • Breaks down large game
  • Cuts in a single motion without sawing


  • The steel tang protrudes a bit above the handle wood
  • Pricey

2 – Victorinox Swiss Army Pro Slicing Knife

Best known for their Swiss Army multi-tools, Victorinox has a lot to offer in the kitchen too. In fact, the Swiss Army Pro Slicing Knife is one of our favorite steak knives. High-carbon stainless steel gives you the sturdiness and control you need for big cuts of meat while the scalloped blade makes for seamless slicing with no unwanted suction.

The handle has superior grip, feels comfortable, and doesn’t get gummy when wet. Made with Fibrox Pro, it’s 5.4” inches in length and gives you good control over your cut. Impressively, the Granton blade creates air pockets which improve the separation of the meat and reduce friction.

This is another knife that’s specially designed to slice through meat in a single sweeping motion without repetitive sawing. Because of this, you end up with precise, beautiful slices of meat rather than jagged flesh. Also, the Pro Slicing Knife is weighted for great balance and comfort during handling.

Further, this is one of the longest knives on our list. The handle is 5.4” and the blade is a whopping 12 inches long. Of particular note, this knife meets the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) requirements for public health and safety. Not only does it handle thin slices beautifully, it’s more than capable of tackling even the most hefty slabs of meat with ease.

Best of all, there’s a lifetime warranty. This covers all defects in materials and craftsmanship, so the Swiss Army Pro Slicing Knife is truly a utensil to last a lifetime.

Key Features

  • 12” in length
  • Round tip and Granton blade
  • High-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle
  • 5.4” handle
  • Crafted in Switzerland


  • No-slip grip even when wet
  • Knife creates air pockets to improve meat separation


  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t include sheath or blade guard

3 – Mairico Ultra Sharp Premium 11-inch Carving Knife

The Mairico Ultra Sharp Premium Carving Knife holds its sharp edge exceptionally well and is perfect for cutting all kinds of meat. In fact, it’s designed for precision slicing with very minimal effort. With a knife like this, you don’t need an electric slicer to give your hands a break.

Constructed from high-quality premium stainless steel, the Mairco Carving Knife has an ergonomic design with perfectly balanced weight. It can effectively work its way through turkeys, briskets, pork loins, roasts, and more with ease and efficiency. Conveniently, this knife is also excellent when cutting fruits and vegetables, making it a great multi-tasker in any busy kitchen.

Because it comes with a nice case, you can store this knife safely away from the rest of your utensils for longevity and protection if you like. The handle of this knife will fit nicely in almost any hand. It has a remarkably secure grip for both comfort and safety while cutting. 

If you’re looking for a long knife that successfully completes a wide variety of tasks including slicing big cuts of meat, the Mairico Ultra Sharp Carving Knife might be right up your alley. It has a superb design worthy of any professional chef or butcher, but you don’t have to be a pro to make the most of it. 

Best of all, this knife is designed for longevity, so it will be a staple in your kitchen well into the future. It also comes with a satisfaction guarantee and full refund should it not meet your expectations. It makes a great gift, too, thanks to its attractive packaging and undeniable necessity in any home.

Key Features

  • long ultra-sharp knife blade
  • 11” blade
  • Secure grip and ergonomic design
  • Premium stainless steel
  • Money back guarantee
  • Includes storage box


  • Well-balanced weight distribution
  • Designed to cut all kinds of meat including large roasts


  • Blade needs regular sharpening
  • Pricey

4 – Mercer Culinary Genesis Carving Knife

For the price, the Mercer Culinary Genesis Carving Knife is quite impressive. One of the most attractive qualities of this knife is the stain and corrosion-resistant high-carbon forged steel. This keeps your knife looking polished and high-quality in the long run – free from rust, stains, and discoloration. This is important because when a tool is in constant contact with your food, it should be completely free of stains, corrosion, and rust.

Importantly, this knife is certified by the NSF and includes a limited lifetime warranty. For optimal results, this knife should be hand-washed and dried. With the right care, the Mercer Carving Knife can last a long time. Many high-quality knives are not dishwasher proof, and this minor inconvenience shouldn’t deter you from considering the Mercer. What little time you invest in hand-washing your high-end utensils more than pays off in the end.

The Santoprene handle is designed for comfort, ease of use, and no-slip gripping. This knife is full-tang, meaning the solid piece of metal that makes up the blade runs the length of the handle also. And because it’s full tang, this knife has superior leverage and handling. 

High-carbon steel is desirable because it tends to be more resistant to wear and therefore last longer than the average knife. The taper-ground edge of this knife guarantees improved efficiency and better stability when slicing and handing. The 10” blade is more than capable with larger slabs of meat and, overall, this is a solid, expertly crafted carving knife.

Key Features

  • Santoprene handle
  • NSF certified
  • High-carbon forged steel
  • 10” blade
  • Stain and corrosion resistant
  • Taper-ground edge


  • Superior balance
  • Long-lasting sharpness


  • Doesn’t come with sheath
  • Not dishwasher safe

5 – Victorinix Swiss Army Pro Boning Knife

This specialty knife has a 6” blade and is specifically designed to de-bone. It’s a great choice if you regularly preparing fish, whole chickens, or any other kind of raw meat that requires you to cut around bones and cartilage. 

Made in Switzerland, the Victorinox Swiss Army Pro Boning Knife expertly maneuvers and removes meat from the bone effortlessly. In fact, this knife was thoughtfully designed with delicate meats in mind. The pointed tip is great for piercing and navigating your way through flesh with precision and ease.

The Fibrox Pro handle helps you stay safe and comfortable in the kitchen by giving you a no-slip grip and intuitive grasp on your knife. This is a smaller knife compared to many of the others on our list, but it’s designed for a specific function and it delivers very well when it comes to de-boning delicate meat and fish.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about a compromised cut if this knife gets wet  – whether you’re out fishing or just dealing with some juicy flesh in your home kitchen. Even when this knife is wet, your grip stays firm and your hand stays in-place. Lastly, this knife meets strict NSF health standards, so you can feel confident that it’s safe for all your food prepping needs.

Key Features

  • 6” blade
  • Designed to de-bone
  • Sharp pointed tip
  • Straight edge
  • Stainless steel
  • Made in Switzerland


  • Pierces meat, joints, and cartilage well
  • De-bones delicate fish and poultry


  • Needs regular sharpening
  • Must be hand-washed 

6 – Victorinox Swiss Army Pro Straight Butcher Knife

Specially designed for butchering, the Swiss Army Pro Straight Butcher Knife is a good choice if you have heavy-duty cutting needs. At 12”, this is one of the longest knives on our list. Made with high-carbon steel, this sturdy and strong knife is ice tempered for long-lasting sharpness.

The hollow-ground straight edge of this knife contributes to its ability to handle big slabs of meet without effort. And the built-in finger guard makes it that much more comfortable and easy to guide. Because the blade is laser tested, it retains its sharpness well and is well regarded for its durability. 

For added safety, the handle is made of no-slip Fibrox Pro to avoid any accidents when wet. To make this knife even more exceptional, it has superior weight and balance. One thing that makes this knife stand out is its high-quality, built-to-last European steel. It’s flat spine is especially excellent for gliding through meat with minimal effort.

Regardless of the size of the task, you don’t have to worry about hand or wrist fatigue with this superb knife. And like all Victorinox Swiss Army knives, the Pro Straight Butcher knife is NSF certified, indicating that it meets the highest industry safety standards.


  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Conical ground
  • Ice tempered
  • 12” blade
  • Hollow-ground straight edge
  • Fibrox Pro handle


  • Great for large butchering jobs
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t come with a sheath or case

7 – Victorinix Pro Chef’s Knife 8”

We love a good chef’s knife for its uncanny ability to multi-task, making it a truly indispensable utensil. This 8” Fibrox Pro Chef’s knife was designed with professional and at-home chefs in mind. Effective and efficient with a tremendous variety of tasks, a chef’s knife is a staple no kitchen should be without.

The Victornox Chef’s Knife is made with a tapered stainless steel edge that’s both durable and accurate. With the laser tested extra-sharp blade, you can do everything from chopping vegetables to cutting steaks to mincing and dicing. This knife has good heft and isn’t flimsy by any means. In fact, it can be trusted to handle just about any task your kitchen demands.

Thanks to the Thermoplastic Elastomer handle, this chef’s knife is comfortable in your hand and secure in your grip. The blade is 7.9” and dishwasher safe for supremely easy clean-up. Because it’s good for such a wide variety of tasks, this is an essential knife if you can only choose one. 

Even though this knife is suitable for a great many things, it really shines when cutting meat. After all, it’s a carving knife with a straight edge, so it carves precisely and beautifully. It has an extra-wide blade that keeps its edge well and doesn’t require frequent sharpening. All in all, this is a precise, high-quality, multi-purpose knife that more than earns its keep.

Key Features

  • 8” blade
  • laser-tested blade
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer handle
  • Balanced and weighted for easily handling
  • Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe materials


  • Expertly crafted and designed to cut meats
  • Intended for multiple purposes


  • Blade is too light for some people’s taste
  • Can retain visible scratches

8 – Jerky dot com Professional 10” Carving Knife

Made from food-grade steel, the jerky.com 10” professional knife is a super-sharp slicing knife that does a great job of carving up all kinds of meats. The dimpled blade is preferred by many professional chefs because these shallow indentations minimize suction and help you easily maneuver your blade. That makes for a more comfortable cutting experience and a cleaner slice.

Also noteworthy is the triple-riveted ergonomic handle. Not only is it highly durable, it’s designed specifically for your comfort and to prevent hand-fatigue. While this knife was crafted with jerky-making in mind, you can easily enlist its services for any number of meat-cutting tasks. 

Best of all, it’s dishwasher safe. So cleaning and keeping this knife in supreme condition are as easy as pie. And just because it comes to us from a company called jerky.com, don’t assume you can’t use this knife for other foods. It’s surprisingly adept at preparing fruits, vegetables, bread, and more. Lastly, this 10” carving knife offers a full refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied with its performance in your kitchen.

Key Features

  • Food grade steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Razor sharp
  • 10” blade
  • Triple riveted comfort handle
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Good for meats, vegetables and fruits
  • High quality solid steel


  • Doesn’t have sheath or case
  • Not quite as flexible as some of the more expensive knives

9 – Sagler 8” Chef Knife

Like the beautiful box it comes encased in, the Sagler 8” Chef Knife is high-quality and carefully crafted. Earning extra points for its versatility, this knife doesn’t stop at just carving every cut of meat. You can also use it for dicing, mincing, and chopping vegetables and fruit. Better yet, it’s precise and effective at cutting meat off the bone – an area where some other knives fall short.

Designed with your safety in mind, the Sagler 8” Chef Knife has a comfortable handle made from superior materials. It’s no-grip slip is no joke, so you can count on this knife to come through with consistency of grip and control. 

The style of this knife is Gyotu, which translates to “cow sword” in Japanese. As the name suggests, this do-it-all knife leans toward cutting meat as its primary function and area of expertise. A Gyuto is a Japanese-style knife modeled after a classic European chef knife. It has a pointed tip, thin blade, and notably sharp edge. 

Lastly, this knife has high corrosion and rust resistance, so it will remain in pristine condition for many years with proper care.

Key Features

  • Includes case
  • 8” blade
  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • Multi-purpose chef’s knife
  • Sure-grip handle
  • Razor sharp


  • Great for cooked meat, fruit, vegetables
  • Inexpensive


  • Guard is thin
  • Requires regular sharpening

10 – Update International Premium Forged 12” Carving Knife

And last but definitely not least, we have the Update International 12” Carving knife. The scalloped edge of this knife makes it perfect for slicing precisely without tearing. This makes it ideal for all of your meat-cutting needs – even large slabs of meat like whole hams and turkeys.

For convenience, you can toss this knife in the dishwasher without compromising its integrity. The handle is made from durable POM (polyoxymethylene) which is known for its durability, low friction, and toughness. And of course it’s no-slip for your safety and accuracy while carving. 

This knife’s high-carbon steel blade is made with molybdenum vanadium, which is a popular Japanese steel revered for its hardness and stubborn resistance to wear. As such, the Update International knife ranks high on the durability scale. 

Because the blade alone is 12”, this knife is a superb choice for large slabs of meat or big, tough fruits like melons and pineapples. This is a rather heavy knife, so it feels efficient and sturdy in the hand. When wilding a knife with this kind of heft and high-quality steel, you can carve through big cuts of meat without sawing and hacking away at the flesh.

Overall, this is a heavy-duty knife for formidable pieces of meat or other challenging food items. Luckily, the handle is plenty comfortable and should effectively prevent wrist fatigue even on the most challenging jobs. 

Key Features

  • Premium forged blade
  • High-carbon steel
  • 12” blade
  • Scalloped edge
  • No-slip POM handle
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • High-quality steel


  • Needs sharpening after moderate use
  • Will be too large and heavy for some people’s taste

A Simple Buying Guide To Determine The Best Knife For Cutting Meat

Now that you’ve studied some of the very best knives for cutting meat, you might be wondering which is the right one for you. There are some distinctly different styles and your ideal knife will depend on how you intend to use it and some personal preferences. Below are a few things to keep in mind before selecting the best knife for cutting meat.

What To Pay Attention To When Buying A Knife For Cutting Meat

Heavy or Light

This can be a matter of personal taste. Some people will complain about a knife being too heavy while others will balk at a knife that seems too lightweight. It’s all about what feels most comfortable and intuitive in your hand. Play around with the knives you have at home and consider whether you like the maneuverability of a lighter knife or if you prefer the steadiness of a more weighty knife. 

You can easily find plenty of knives for cutting meat in both categories. Usually, a little research will yield quick results regarding the weight of the knife.

What Kind Of Meat

If you’re a fisherman, hunter, or you commonly prepare meat that needs to be de-boned, we highly recommend the Victorinox Pro Boning knife. It’s got a supremely sharp tip that glides through bones and cartilage effortlessly. 

For large roasts and substantial pieces of meat, we love the Mairico 11” for its ability to tackle big projects with ease. And if you’re just looking for a dependable, no-nonsense steak knife, the Victorinox Slicing Knife with Granton edge blade is a definite standout. It’s durable, crafted from high-quality steel, and keeps its edge well. 

A Granton edge blade, also called a scalloped blade, has indentations along the side and a straight edge. This makes it ideal for cutting through meat without suction and releasing the flesh in precise slices as opposed to shredding it. These blades are good for big slabs of meat like roasts, brisket, or hams.  

Blade Length

Needing multiple meat-cutting knives is common. Even within a specialty class of knife there are additional considerations and more distinct purposes. The heavy-duty knife that expertly slices your monster roast probably won’t fare well when filleting trout. 

Start with your most common meat preparations first. If you’re an avid steak-eater, you probably don’t need a 12” blade. You want something comfortable, rust-resistant, and sturdy and an 8 or 10” will do you just fine. 

Boning knives are usually smaller. While excellent for preparing fish, they won’t have your back on turkey day. So they aren’t full-service knives, but they do make a great addition to your growing collection of kitchen knives.

Specialty Knives

As you probably noticed, some of the knives on this list are overachieving multi-taskers while others are highly qualified for one task in particular. A boning knife for example is designed with a specific goal in mind – maneuvering precisely and safely around bones and cartilage.

A chef’s knife on the other hand is great for cutting meat, vegetables, fruit, and plenty more. The great thing about knives is that you can build your own personalized and customized collection based on your kitchen habits and dining preferences. If you eat a lot of fish or you hunt and fully prepare your own meats, a boning knife is essential. 

If you’re more of a chicken-breast-only kind of person, a chef’s knife or carving knife are good options. The good news is, you don’t have to choose just one! Building a collection based on what appeals to you and helps better prepare your favorite dishes is half the fun. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use an electric knife to cut raw meat?

Yes. An electric knife will work well to cut raw meat because it should do a good job of slicing through bones and cartilage. If you’re working with a large hunk of meat, an electric knife can save you some effort and exertion as well.

What is the best knife to cut steak?

For cutting steak, we really like the Victorinix Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade. It’s got a sturdy, heavy-duty 10” blade and a Granton edge that keeps food from sticking. Although well-known for their Swiss Army knives, Victorinox makes a highly respectable, durable slicing knife that’s great for cutting steak and other meats as well as bread, cakes, and sandwiches.

Are Santoku knives good for cutting meat?

While many people prefer chef’s knives over Santoku knives for cutting meat, a Santoku knife can be used to cut meat well. In fact, Santokus are well-loved as all-purpose knives because they can dice and chop herbs and vegetables, cut most boneless meats, and slice all kinds of fruits.

Can you cut frozen meat with a meat slicer?

Yes, in fact there are slicers specifically designed to cut frozen meat. Otherwise, slicing frozen meat is quite difficult. However, the meat should not be fully frozen, or the blade on your slicer will likely be damaged.

What knife should I use to cut raw meat?

It depends on what kind of meat you’re cutting. If you’re preparing a fish or a whole chicken, you’ll have good luck with a boning knife, like the one on our list. If you’re not de-boning, any of the other knives on our list are excellent for curing raw meat as well as cooked meat.

But the Sagler Chef knife and the Victorinox Pro Chef’s knife are two of our favorites for cutting all kinds of raw and cooked meat.

Final Verdict

When shopping for the best knife for cutting meat, there are several key characteristics to look for. If you eat a lot of fish or whole chickens, you’ll definitely want a knife that excels at de-boning. When you’re more likely to cut boneless meats, you’re generally looking for an ergonomic handle, high-quality steel, and, ideally, some kind of sheath or protective case to keep your knife in tip-top shape for many years to come. 

Choose a knife that’s confirmed dishwasher-safe to avoid rust-spots and corrosion, if you’re not meticulous about cleaning. Overall, the best knife for cutting meat is one that is durable, capable of consistent precision, and feels good in the hand with a no-slip grip.