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Top 10 Best Utility Knife: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

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It probably won’t be an extravagant or complex instrument, yet the best utility knife is essentially a disposable cutter tucked into a tough handle—is as yet an MVP in your DIY kit, tool compartment, or kitchen garbage cabinet. Regularly known as a box knife or box cutter, a utility knife can be used to cut cardboard, covering, tile, drywall, wallpapers, and those goading plastic clamshell bundles that are almost difficult to open through hands. On the off chance that you don’t know as of now have a utility knife, you presumably need one, so continue reading this piece of content. We’ll share what you should look when searching for the best utility knife.

Quick Overview (comparison)

Top 10 Best Utility Knives of 2021

We teamed up with several knife enthusiasts to test and review 10 knives to find the Best Utility Knife of 2021. We’ve selected 10 knives we thought would be worth testing, so we won’t let you wait any longer, let’s go to our top 10!

1 – Gerber EAB Lite Utility Knife (Best Pick 🥇)

The Gerber EAB Lite gauges alongside nothing and is extremely smaller as far as size. Given its minimized size, it is the ideal blade for any individual who needs to consider how a lot of gear they ought to bring. Luckily you will consistently have enough space for a blade this size. The edge has a cutting surface of 3.8 cm. Not unreasonably large and along these lines impossible for the more uncompromising assignments. The huge favorable position, in any case, is that you can supplant the cutting edge.

Both the edge and the handles are produced using stainless steel. When opened the liner lock solidly keeps the sharp edge set up, ensuring it won’t be unintentionally close while you are utilizing it. It may take a little practice, yet you can likewise close the blade utilizing just one hand. The pocket cut keeps you from losing the blade as you put it in your pocket. A similar pocket cut empowers you to add the blade to your belt so you will consistently have it close, fit to be utilized.

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • 5.1-inch open length
  • 2.3-inch blade length
  • 2.8-inch closed length
  • 2.5-ounce weight
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Handle works also als belt clip
  • It’s the most compact knife of our top 10
  • Very stable, it doesn’t wiggle when it’s locked open


  • If you don’t know how to properly close the knife it can be a hassle
  • Blade can poke out a little bit due to its compact size

2 – FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

A suitable pocket knife can be used for various functions like box cutting, wallpaper cutting, plastic & cardboard cutting, etc. Its heavy-duty blades remain sharp despite continues usage, hence this knife is a perfect choice for all household utility work. With a button lock system, it is safe to carry in the pocket. You can easily change the blade with one button press. All standard size utility knife blades can be used with this knife. With top quality Ergonomic handle, you do not need to worry about the slip. The solid grip will allow you to use it for a long time without any issue. Carrying is so easy with Stainless steel clips and weighs only 4.8 ounces.

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminium design
  • Heavy duty steel blades
  • Easy folding system
  • Quick blade change mechanism


  • Good grip due to the anti-slip design
  • Very compact due to the folding system
  • Very easy to change the knives
  • The knives are from high quality and don’t break easily


  • The lock button is located where it’s easy to accidentally press when you’re using the knife

3 – Stanley Classic 99 Retractable Box Knife

Stanley Classic 99 Retractable Utility Knife in exemplary retractable box knife is one more incredible blade to serve your day by day needs. It is among the best utility knife. The blade comprises of three cutting edges made of high-quality steel. Additionally, the multi-position slide of the sharp edges empowers you to change the cutting edges according to your requirements. The material, which is utilized to make these sharp edges, builds the toughness of the cutting edges.

Besides, to verify the edges of the cutting edges, the blade contains an interlocking framework to hold the edges of the sharp edges. A brilliant feature of the utility blade is that the holding spot of the sharp edges is arranged in the handle of the blade. In this way, it makes it simple and quick to change the cutting edges. The edges of the cutting edge are straight made of metal. The blade gives the adaptability one would require. Additionally, the size of the device marks for its effectiveness.

Key Features

  • Secure hold of the knife due to the interlocking nose
  • Three position knife
  • The spare blades are stored in the handle
  • Including three heavy duty utility blades
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The blade can be positioned in 3 different positions
  • Very sharp and stays sharp for a long time due to the heavy duty blades
  • Very safe to use due to its interlocking nose


  • You need to have a screwdriver near to swap the blades

4 – Kobalt Utility Knife 

This folding utility knife utilizes a rock-solid handle that gives a monstrous lift to its general sturdiness, guarding the interior segments against both climates related and physical harm. Made of stainless steel, its metal parts are comparably well-built and can take a great deal of harm before giving any indications of rework. This blade accompanies ten extra cutting edges, just as one previously mounted and all set, just as a belt cut that enables you to keep it associated with your belt or sack as opposed to leaving it in your pocket.

This set takes the best worth position since it is a “twofer” as we like to state. With this pack, is accurately what you get, a normal utility blade that utilizations industry-standard cutting edges. The small knife would be a great glove box device. The huge form has every one of the highlights you need from your utility blade. Kobalt makes astounding apparatuses, and this is without question the best purchase for your money if you need a small size knife.

Key Features

  • Includes 11 blades
  • Aviation grade aluminum handle
  • Folding- and quick change mechanism
  • Ideal for general cutting use


  • The knife is foldable which makes it compact and easy to take it with you
  • Very easy to change the blade
  • Extremely comfortable grip
  • Made from durable materials


  • The replacement blades are not located in the handle but in a separate box

5 – Klein Tools 44131 Folding Utility Knife

The Klein 44140 Assisted Open Camouflage Knife is built with a dark completion, Tanto-style cutting edge point, and spring helped to open. Double thumb studs make it simple regardless of what your working hand is. Realtree Xtra Camouflage planned nylon handle with elastic hold, and TPR over-shape gives it a tight, secure grasp. The Klein Tools Folding Utility Knife is an inventive and helpful apparatus that joins the best features of a lock-back blade with a utility knife. Highlights a solid aluminum handle with an overlap out cutting edge lodging.

Key Features

  • Top-notch triple grounds edges remain sharp more 
  • Hardcore, solid development 
  • Sharp edge discharge button for snappy edge changes 
  • Utilizations of standard utility edges


  • Nice folding mechanism which makes it very compact
  • It has a clip so you can attach it to your pants or jacket so it’s easy to take it with you
  • Rubber grip makes sure your hand doesn’t slip


  • Lock button sticks in place after using several times

6 – Milwaukee Fastback 3 Utility Knife

The Milwaukee 48-22-1903 Utility Knife is a lightweight, viable expansion to your toolbox. Ergonomic structure adjusts to your preferred position of the sharp edge, be it 45 degrees or straight line like a standard blade. Holds up to 4 additional edges with its installed stockpiling and are changed as fast as you can push the discharge button. Basically, push down, haul the old cutting edge out, and slide the new sharp edge in.

Key Features

  • Easy Press and Flip opening system
  • Storage for 4 replacement blades
  • Body is fully made from steel
  • Gut Hook
  • Wire Stripper
  • Belt clip
  • Lanyard Hole
  • 6.75″ Length


  • Very easy to switch blades and you’ll always have space to bring spare blades
  • Very compact compared to the Stanley knife, which makes it a joy to use
  • Good grip, so it’s easy to use in more difficult positions


  • Release button is near the place where you might put pressure while cutting so it the blade sometimes dislodges

7 – Alltrade 150003 Auto-Loading Squeeze Utility Knife

Pack this thing easily in your backpack, wallet or tote and travel with it at whatever point you wish without limits. The Alltrade 15003 utility has a little minimized size, which makes its packing process basic. Requiring its mobility further, its weight is as low to everybody as it weighs just 12.5 ounces. Being a utility blade, this implies you will expect it to fill more than once, cutting need. Subsequently, to conform to this, the producer packs it with six diverse rock-solid sharp edges. Slice through anything with this sharp cutting edges, and your work will consistently be spotless and exact. Fascinating, the crushing trade blade permits a programmed edge-evolving, i.e., push on the discharge button to separate the dull, sharp edge and supplant with another one which is set in position with a push on the handle switch a procedure that is so easy to perform.

Key Features

  • Storage for 6 replacement knives in the handle
  • High quality heavy duty knives
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Rubber grip


  • It’s hands down the fastest utility knife when it comes to switching blades
  • Made from quality materials which results in a durable look and feel
  • It includes 6 heavy duty replacement knives which are stored in the handle


  • Doesn’t have a belt clip

8 – Box Cutter Utility Knife

The Home Planet Gear is a prestigious brand that fabricates quality utility knife for drywall, cardboard, cover, rope, vinyl, calfskin, box, wood, or any hard material. When you are slicing through solid materials, how would you need the blade to be? It must have a decent grasp and sharp edge. Else, it might sneak off your hand, and you can cut yourself! Also, if it’s a dull edge, you won’t get the ideal result. In this way, these variables must be tended to in the best blade. You will be happy to realize that the Home Planet Gear utility blade accompanies an ergonomic elastic hold handle with withdrawing and bolting the system.

That is to say; you can serenely hold the blade as well as effectively control it to get a perfect cut. All the more critically, when the edge lapses, you can without much of a stretch change the cutting edge with the press button. This utility blade is ideal for hard materials. Anyway, you should abstain from utilizing it on the clay. Things being what they are, have you been looking for a retractable utility blade for making and DIY ventures? On the off chance that indeed, at that point, you can consider purchasing the Gear Utility Multi-Purpose Knife by Home Planet.

Key Features

  • 4 locking positions
  • Storage for 5 replacement blades inside the handle
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The grip protects your knuckles
  • Big but still lightweight
  • Very comfortable grip


  • Very big compared to the other knives
  • Standard replacement knives

9 – MulWark Heavy Duty Utility Knife

The MulWark Heavy-Duty Utility Knife is a marvel completely. It is easy to utilize, solid, tough, and incredibly helpful for a wide range of utilizations. The exhibition with regards to cutting, be that as it may, is remarkable. You will have a hard time believing how sharp it is, fit for cutting even the hardest of materials. This occurs because of the Zinc-Alloy SK4 steel development in the sharp edge, superb for any cutting requirements for different occasions. Steady, strong, solid, and dependable, it’s an ideal decision for the individuals who love sharp and compelling cutting edges. What’s more, something else to consider, the gadget accompanies a cutting edge cartridge of six pieces in addition to a quick edge changing procedure for expanded comfort whenever or place.

Key Features

  • Metal safety lock
  • 15 Sharp rust proof replacement blades
  • Soft grip
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Stays sharp for a really long time and comes with an extra 15 blades
  • Ideal for heavy duty tasks
  • It’s locking mechanism makes it safe to apply a lot of pressure on the knife
  • Excellent versatility


  • Replacement blades can’t be stored in the handle

10 – Tape King Utility Knife

If you like customary plans for utility blades, at that point, the Tape King Box Cutter is an incredible choice beyond question. It is solid, modest, yet unfathomably valuable for a wide type of cutting applications, including cardboard, paper, containers, dainty wood, and even plastic. The 18mm edge is made of thick steel, ideal for solidness and exactness simultaneously. It is suggested intensely because of its capacity to work fantastically well in exercises, for example, expressions, office works, stockroom works, and the sky is the limit from there. It’s the principal decision of numerous individuals, in a case that comes 12 sharp edges so you can get the best out of this thing for more. The knife is expendable, however on account of its quality – you may feel like it is the most solid out there.

Key Features

  • 12 Economical disposable knives
  • 18mm wide blade
  • Safety lock tab


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for when you need several knives and when you’re not looking for quality
  • Easy to snap of a piece of the blade to create a new sharp cutting tip


  • Cheap quality, look and feel
  • Blades need to be replaced quite fast due to it’s low quality

Important factors to consider when buying a Utility knife – Buying guide

Similarly, as some other instrument in the market, the quality and in general sharpness of a utility knife is vigorously estimated by its various features, structure, and buildup quality. Be that as it may, similar to some other device, a portion of these are fundamental, and you may not think about them. Here are a couple of features you should consistently consider before picking utility knife: 

Sorts of Utility Knives 

Utility blades come essentially in two kinds, the fixed and the foldable ones. The fixed ones are frequently progressively like a common blade, yet they can be placed into a sliding system that enables you to utilize the ideal length of an edge as per your required cut. They are solid and so easy to utilize, yet they are frequently bigger and harder to store. 

Retractable utility blades, then again, are much simpler to store as they offer the opportunity to take care of the sharp edge in a folding position. The retractable may feel somewhat less sheltered when utilizing, particularly on the off chance that it doesn’t accompany a lock-in system. 


The Blades are basic beyond question. This is the element that states how compelling a knife is, the way quick it cuts, how solid and safe it is also. In any case, principally, everything goes to the material where the blade is made. 

The best materials you can pick are steel and zinc, particularly. These two offer the best service when cutting and an incredible strength without issues. They are more grounded, progressively safe, and lighter, too, which enables you to have magnificent cutting quality without having any issue in handling. 


The body is regularly a section that will let you know whether a utility knife is easy to utilize, safe, and solid. For whatever length of time that you pick a gadget that accompanies an aluminum or steel body, you will be OK. Just try to avoid utilizing utility blades made of plastic or comparative materials that may break while cutting an object. 

These are the factor that should be considered while selecting a utility blade. The more you focus on how an item is made and what it offers regarding quality, the better the experience you will have with it. A utility blade can help in a large number of circumstances. They are adaptable, valuable, advantageous, and the best also.

What is the correct way of sharpening a utility knife?

Honing a utility blade sharp edge can be a long activity. It requires DIY capacity and the proper instruments. On the off chance that you don’t take care of business, you will, in the end, wind up harming the blade. Be that as it may, utilizing some specific devices, with the correct strategy, and some little tips, sharpening a utility blade edge is a thing you can do yourself. 

1 – Remove all Food Products 

Fundamentally honing methods changing the dull edge into a sharp one. Henceforth, while honing, a lot of metal particles are spread everywhere throughout the zone, and they can undoubtedly interact with food items, particularly in case you’re working in a kitchen. 

2 – Use a Sharpening Stone 

In the wake of clearing the knife, you can begin the honing procedure for the utility edge by first utilizing the sharpening stone. These stones are explicitly utilized for sharpening and you can locate an alternate range to look over, including regular water stones, and precious stone edged honing stones. These stones, by and large, have a grid side and a fine side. While honing, a super system is required to flawlessly hone the blade’s front line. You need to hold the blade at an edge of around 20 degrees and start honing the blade utilizing long, smooth, and one of a kind bearings on the stone to hone the blade splendidly through and through. This procedure ought to be done first on the grid side and afterward on the fine side of the stone. 

3 – Add Water and Oil 

Since the blade is starting to sharp up, pour some water on the stone to build the erosion between the stone’s surface and the blade’s edge, and repeat the process. Also, include some oil the stone’s surface and give the blade the last run. The oil will give the blade an increasingly smooth cut and will likewise go about as a clean. 

4 – Use the Sharpening Steel 

When your dull utility blade is sharp, you won’t require the stone once more. For whatever length of time that you have decent honing steel, use it much of the time to keep your cutting edge sharp. The ideal approach to hold the steel is vertical, away from you body with the idea about the top and the steel confronting downwards. Similarly, as with the stone, your honing edge ought to associate with 20 degrees with the blade moving against the steel in long, smooth strokes to hone the entire cutting edge from top to bottom.

5 – Test the Knife 

When the sharpening procedure is done, wash your utility blade with water to remove any metal particles left on the blade’s surface and afterward test your utility blade’s sharpness on a bit of paper which should cut without exertion. 

That is it. Presently you ought to have an appropriately shaped utility blade, and when slicing makes sure to consistently get your fingertips far from the sharp edge to keep away from any accident. Following these steps is a also a great way to maintain your knife, so it lasts extra long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does a utility knife work?

The best utility knife can fill in as a container shaper, and the sky is the limit from there. You’ll see that it can serve likewise as a folding knife, salvage blade, and even in light use cases, as an outdoors blade. A utility blade’s utility is undeniably more than what the vast majority expect. Hence it depends on you that what type of task you want to get done from a utility knife, and accordingly, you have to choose the knife as well. Every knife has different characteristics and different functionalities, so choose you knife accordingly.

How do you break off a utility knife blade?

Put on protective glasses! Withdraw the sharp edge, so just the fragment you wish to sever is uncovered. Utilizing a couple of forceps, squeeze the portion as near the break line as you can and cautiously twist the section 90 degrees to the utility knife. Crease away from yourself as opposed to toward so that, when it breaks, the end “hops” away from you as opposed to toward your chest. Remember that the removed part may be too dull to even think about cutting whatever dulled it. However, it’s still sharp enough to slice you deep down. Be cautious and consider what you’re doing and what may occur before you do it.

The Final Verdict

Though it is very difficult to pick a single utility knife as all the knives mentioned above are amazing, Still, we need to make a choice. For style, strength, size, and durability, the Gerber EAB should be the first choice for every individual. This amazing knife carries out the versatility of a utility knife and the style of a collectible pocket knife. Useful for various tasks and material, Gerber is a good-looking choice.

Swiss Army knives can also be a good alternative as a utility knife. Checkout our top 10 Best Swiss Army Knives over here!