How To Use A Whetstone

How to use a whetstone - review

If you’ve never sharpened a blade and you’re unsure how to use a whetstone, we’ll make it easy for you. It’s nothing to be nervous about and will extend the life of your knife! Today, …

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How To Maintain A Knife

How to mountain your knife

Utensils take care of themselves, right? Wrong! Today, we cover how to maintain a knife so you can get the best, and the most, use out of it. Unfortunately, a knife won’t keep itself in …

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How To Clean Your Knife

How to clean your knife - review and buying guide

Whether you’re talking about a hunting knife, kitchen knife, or utility knife, they’ve all got one thing in common. Knives have to be kept clean! Keeping your knife spotless and shiny doesn’t just mean it …

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How To Sharpen A Knife

how to sharpen a knife

People often measure the success of a knife by its sharpness. But even high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship need a boost from time to time. If you want to keep your knives in optimal condition, …

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